RODEC CONSEILS supports its clients in the certification of their accounts and their specific financial data as follows:


Certification of annual accounts 
The appointment of an auditor may be compulsory by law or voluntary. This is the certification of accounts. This mission consists of giving an opinion on the accounts and requires the following work: 

  • Identification and prior assessment of risks: assessment of the risks of significant anomalies, prevention of difficulties, understanding of the company’s internal control procedures, definition of the mission plan

  • Implementation of audit procedures: analysis and detection of significant anomalies in the accounts, sample investigations, remarks on points to be improved and requests for adjustments

  • Summary of the mission: discussion with the manager, verification of the requested adjustments, opinion on the accounts, validation of the accounts

  • Restitution of work: presentation of the report to the general meeting, and expression of an opinion on the regularity and sincerity of the accounts, with or without reservation and justifying its assessments


In the context of certain operations occurring during the life of your company, the appointment of an auditor is compulsory by law. In this order, we also intervene on other legal missions such as:

  • Contribution audit
  • Merger’s audit
  • Transformation audit

Our interventions mainly cover the following missions: 

  • Limited review 
  • Certificates 
  • Consultations 
  • Services in connection with the acquisition or disposal of entities 
  • Interventions relating to operations concerning the share capital and the issuance of securities 

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